Monday, April 18, 2016

Yes, its been 3 months../ Games 1 and 2

Hey so, I haven't blogged since January and a lot has happened we have had a couple games, Semana Santa, Fería, and I have been blessed beyond measures being able to travel, and watch some very great futbal. Ok, lets get to it. In the first game we traveled to Circulo Civico C. Palmete's home field and Cesar and I each had a goal in the first half! We ultimately tied 3-3, but we had friends cheering us on from our school the whole time which was very cool and I know we appreciated it and them. 

In our Second game we traveled to Espartinas home field and they were a very good team! Very tactical and physical. They all knew the game very well and it felt like the spaniards always knew where each teammate was or was going to be, but we had a breakthrough and I had an assist on our first goal allowing us to go into the Break at 2-1, After the Break, everyone wanted to score. We went down 1 more, but came right back and one of our teammates hit 2 cracking goals in the 90th minute and the game was all tied up! We were very excited, we played well I thought, but in the end we gave up a foul and they made us pay. 4-3

All in all as my final practices in Spain are coming to an end, its been a great growing experience and I wish we had one more game at home, but i'm excited for what's next! Hope you are all well and i'll see y'all soon to swap stories.

I posted a link below for both games, if you would like to read what our Sports director Sean wrote about the games. Thanks to him, we also have photos!


Game 1 Link:

Game 2 Link:

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